Embarking on a Beautiful Journey

Welcome to TV Parlour – Where Beauty Transcends Boundaries!

At TV Parlour, we believe that beauty knows no borders, and our commitment to enhancing the world's allure is as expansive as our global presence. Headquartered in the radiant landscapes of California, with registered offices spanning Spain, China, and Pakistan, TV Parlour stands as the pinnacle of beauty care, shaping the industry with innovation, quality, and a touch of glamour.

A Festive Inception: December 25, 2000

Established on the festive day of December 25, 2000, in the vibrant California City, TV Parlour embarked on a journey that would redefine beauty standards worldwide. Originating in the dynamic BB Cream industry, our company swiftly expanded its horizons, becoming a trailblazer in cleansing and beauty products. Today, TV Parlour proudly offers a diverse portfolio of over thousands of products, encompassing every facet of beauty – from skincare to makeup, creating a tapestry that celebrates individuality.

Reaching Hearts Globally: Beauty Without Borders

Our products find their way into the hearts of beauty enthusiasts through a myriad of distribution channels, from high-end boutiques to everyday supermarkets and health/beauty outlets. TV Parlour's commitment to accessibility ensures that the transformative power of our cosmetics reaches every corner of the globe.

SARTE de Beauté: A Legacy of Excellence

In the early 2000s, during the golden era of mail-order business, TV PARLOUR introduced SARTE de Beauté, a platform dedicated to delivering cosmetic excellence to your doorstep. Brands like Le Fashion Club and Lious Professeur became synonymous with quality and style. Although SARTE de Beauté ceased its activity in 2014, its legacy lives on in the hearts of our devoted customers.

Proud Achievements: 20 Years of Double-Digit Growth

Celebrating our 20th consecutive year of double-digit growth in 2015, TV PARLOUR proudly reported consolidated sales of €9.1 and a net profit of €4.253M. Our cosmetic activities accounted for an impressive 96.7% of sales, while 2.5% emanated from dermatological pursuits. With operations spanning over 20 countries, our diverse team of 1100 professionals, with 20% based in the U.S.A., fuels our global impact.

Investing in Beauty and Progress

At TV Parlour, we invest not only in beauty but also in progress. A dedicated 2.0% of our consolidated sales powers our research and development initiatives, boasting a team of 150 innovators. In 2016 alone, we applied for 50 patents, marking our commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty.

Global Impact: 25 Manufacturing Plants Worldwide

With 25 manufacturing plants worldwide employing 12,000 individuals, TV Parlour is not just a cosmetics company; it's a global beauty movement. We invite you to explore our world of beauty, where every product tells a story of elegance, empowerment, and the enduring pursuit of perfection.

Indulge in the Radiance. Embrace the Transformation.

Welcome to TV Parlour – Your Global Beauty Companion.