Tv Parlour


Rs.840 Rs.1,720
  1. Coverage Levels:

    • Sheer: Provides a light coverage, allowing some natural skin to show through.
    • Medium: Conceals minor imperfections and evens out skin tone without appearing too heavy.
    • Full: Offers maximum coverage, covering blemishes, scars, and providing a flawless finish.
  2. Formulations:

    • Liquid: Offers versatility and is suitable for various skin types.
    • Cream: Provides a thicker consistency for more coverage, ideal for dry or mature skin.
    • Powder: Offers a matte finish and is often preferred for oily skin.
    • Stick: Convenient for on-the-go application and is often used for targeted coverage.
  3. Finish:

    • Matte: Absorbs excess oil, providing a shine-free finish.
    • Dewy: Imparts a radiant and luminous glow to the skin.
    • Natural: Strikes a balance between matte and dewy, offering a more subtle finish.
  4. Ingredients:

    • Foundations may include various ingredients such as pigments, emollients, moisturizers, and sometimes SPF for sun protection.
  5. Application:

    • Applied to the face after skincare but before other makeup products like concealer or powder.
    • Can be applied with brushes, sponges, or fingers, depending on personal preference.
  6. Shade Range:

    • Foundations typically come in a range of shades to match various skin tones.

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