Tv Parlour

17 Pcs Professional Manicure & Pedicure Set #01

Rs.2,399 Rs.4,798

1 Kit Having 17PCs helping in Manicure and Pedicure completion.

Stainless Steel Quality

All Pieces Having Sharp

One Kit Contain 17PCS

1x Nail Filer,1x Cuticle Trimmer,1x Cuticle Scissor, 1x Steel Tweezer, 1xSteel Nail Pusher,1x Black Head Pin , 1x Nail Cleaner, 1x Nail Polish Cleaner,1x Black Head Remover, 1x Steel Foot Filer 4 Sided, 1x Nail Brush, 1x Dead Skin Cutter, 1x One Dead Skin Cutter Blad Box Having 10 Blads, 1x Nail Cutter, 1x Nail Buffer, 1x Cuticle Nail Nipper, 1x Cuticle Nail Cutter , And One Larg Box.

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